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Philosophy, Mission and Method

Greener STEMS organizes support and mentorship in self-driven education and intuitive learning. Greener STEMS families pledge time and energy to growing our Selves and learning together how to be a community of self-sustainable and responsible land stewards. Our goal is to meet our own needs, without compromising the ability of future hue-mans or the planet to meet their own needs. Our hope is to promote growth and well-being to all life on the planet, with the mindset that there is unlimited opportunity for all who try to grow.

Our mission is to S.E.R.F the Earth. As we commit to

S-helter, E-nergize, R-ecycle, and F-eed ourselves, we also create the space we need to influence our world and experience harmony in our lifetime.

Our method is to play, create, and cultivate together, to become the change that we want to see.

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