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Earth is Home~School is guided by...

Founder and Principle Investigator

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Hevelynn Nealy "The Greengirl"

Natural Path Facilitator

After earning a B.S. degree in Kinesiology and Health Science, Hevelynn accumulated a wealth of experience with data analysis and problem solving while managing a team of Operations Analysts at JP Morgan Chase Bank. She has traveled across the United States, and abroad, to study history and the agro-ecology that impacts our world. She is a self proclaimed explorer and "unschooler" who has made it her business to share her learning, discoveries and perspective with others. Hevelynn has been demonstrating her practical use of natural principles with children for over 10 years, and coaching technical skills for over 15 years.

"I pledge allegiance to mySelf and the Greener STEMS that branch from me. And to the Galactic Organizing Dynamic (G.O.D.) which springs and sprouts out through me. Because I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener.

Hevelynn Nealy "The Greengirl"



One thing that stuck out to me the most was you said my plants are alive. They have character and personality. They can hear. This was new to me. I mean to my family this would sound silly right. A plant has personality? Character? This was a pill for me to swollow as well. I didnt understand that. But i wanted to.


       With time and researched i became in tune with my garden. From burying my hands and feet in my garden for grounding, to night and morning prep/love talks. Id speak life. A good morning and a touch to each member of the community. I realized once i became in tune, the love, effort, and time started to show. My garden flourished.


     My spiritual and mental state. I was happy. I felt complete. I felt empowered. In a "Inner Divine" aspect. I was creating life and feeding the life i birthed with what my hands were creating! I was finally proud of myself! This pulled me from my depression... I felt valuable, worthy finally. My child being fed by his mother from mother nature. To me, that connection i was feeling, meant there was more "out there." How am i so connected to the ground beneath. I knew the religious views i had were not as they were portrayed and there was more meaning to life.


    That lead me to even more research. Ecology, Cosmology, Theology. And how blessed i was to know you and a couple of people during this transition! You always gave me the scientific side of what i was doing and my surroundings which furthered my understanding and appreciation..



      For the first time i felt peaceful. I felt conent with myself. I didnt feel that mass consisting of anger, self hatred, discouragement in my chest and shoulders anymore. And this was almost challenging... Because i had carried those traits with me for so long it was like loosing a piece of me. Then i amazing i was. I actually loved myself. I was so proud of myself. Happier than i was with college degrees!!! Lol  this brought out the best in me... I was being mentally, emotionally, personally and spiritually nourished like i had never been and it all started with Her...[my first plant.]

Happy gardener

Lois A.

2018, Fontana CA


Bright Student of Life,

Anasemone H.

8 years old

2018, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

'Its not often that someone can come along and children not perceive them as just another all-knowing adult.  Ms. Nealy has a gift - a special way of meeting children on their grounds and the ability to impart truth and correction upon their minds in a manner in which they can absorb."

Proud Parent,

Michelle L.

2017, Baltmore MD

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