Greener STEMS

Earth is Home~school observes the intelligence of planet Earth as the principle compass for life exploration. Greener STEMS and friends are learning together how to interface with nature and each other in order to live as a self sustainable community.

As Greener STEMS, our mission is to S.E.R.F. the Earth. As we learn how to S-helter, E-nergize, R-ecycle, and F-eed ourselves, we also create the space we need to influence our world and experience harmony in our lifetime. We practice of creative arts, mathematics and language arts while exploring earth and life sciences.
Our method is to play, create, and cultivate together, to become the change that we want to see.




Greener STEMS 

Seats Available

Private Family meetings


Community Club Subscriptions

are paid in part by donations and sponsored community scholarships. Ask about our Community Stewardship Agreement tuition.

With Special Thanks to Our Sponsors


Private Family sessions

include 4 visits:

focus age 6 years and below (1.5 hour visits):


focus age 7 - 12 years (2 hour visits):


focus age 13 - 17 years (2-3 hour visits):


focus age 18 and up (2 hour visits):


**family subscription to Greener STEMS CC days included.

Greener STEMS Community Club days subscription


Includes access to the Serenity Garden and activities once a week

Meetings must be completed within 30 days of payment.

Family participation is encouraged.

Call or email for your invite to join the 

Greener STEMS mission


Contact us to schedule a trail visit to the
Serenity Garden


Free Community Garden Play Dates

Every Last Saturday of Each Month


Growing a culture of life by learning about self, health, and wealth.

Pop up for activities designed for hue-mans, ages 5 years and up. All ages are welcome. Adult supervision is required for child participation. Activities offered only while supplies last. No registration or fee required.

Stay in the know with special events by subscription or connecting to Facebook (Greener STEMs) or Instagram (@greenerstems)


Organized games

Mind Strategy games

Relay Race Challenges

Disc Golf Challenges

Playground and swings






Planting seeds

Identify & remove invasive plants

Adding and caring for garden life 

Serenity Garden 

936 West 9th Street Pomona CA 91766 

(Serenity Garden is in back of Mt. Sinai Church parking lot)