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Greener STEMS

Earth is Home~school observes the intelligence of planet Earth as the principle compass for life exploration. Greener STEMS and friends are learning together how to interface with nature and each other in order to live as a self sustainable community.

As Greener STEMS, our mission is to S.E.R.F. the Earth. As we learn how to S-helter, E-nergize, R-ecycle, and F-eed ourselves, we also create the space we need to influence our world and experience harmony in our lifetime. We practice of creative arts, mathematics and language arts while exploring earth and life sciences.
Our method is to play, create, and cultivate together, to become the change that we want to see.




Call or email to schedule a 
free orientation



Serenity Garden 

936 West 9th Street Pomona CA 91766 

(Serenity Garden is in back of Mt. Sinai Church parking lot)

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