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Think 2 Live Toolbox©

The question is not what to think,

but How to

Think 2 Live©.

The stories, research and exercises shared in the Think to Live© toolbox will reveal a naturally synchronized order to sharpen our focus and manifest intentional change in our lives.

The Think 2 Live toolbox is a "fill in the blank" growth mindset template that organizes personal inspiration into co-creative action and deliberate realization.

Think 2 Live© 
* Organize your thoughts
* Align thoughts with passions
*Project passions into what matters (reality)
Hevelynn "The Greengirl" shares how she made the shift to work for her Supra Self as she lives W.O.K.E. (Working On Knowledge Everyday). In the Think 2 Live toolbox she explains the F.A.C.T.S of life, which, are the natural ingredients of growth that are demonstrated in nature and all living things. You will learn the Get R.E.A.L.L.TM strategy to develop laser focus on what you consider important, and how to materialize what you want to see grow. 
The Think to Live toolbox includes 24 hour access to growth and focus strategies to organize your thoughts and apply your inspirations to the material world. This option is for self-motivated hue-mans, and delivers clear direction for personal application with action.
Think to Live mentorship includes 24 hour access to growth and focus strategies, and a series of 7 live 1-1 development sessions. This 7 week hand-on mentorship is only for people who want to increase their personal influence on the world around them. This mentorship program is a strong and proven anchor to transition into a growth mindset and creation of passion projections.

"Thank you so much for the exercise. I haven't felt this good in a long time. If I can maintain this feeling alone the course will be more than worth it! ... The course is very comprehensive with so much information. I'm so happy that I finally found a program that is right for me."


Think to Live, 2020

"I'm reflecting on how Think to Live is more than a service I've purchased, and how the facilitator is committed to our success and a student as well. The program impact is priceless. I feel it already. Gratitude. Feeling like I am right where I need to be at this time."


Think to Live, 2020

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